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Undecided about JET - well, here is a blatant marketing slide, that lists some of the key features of the toolkit, along with some of the more frequent requested ommissions:

Description Status
Command Line Based Yes
Web Front End (inc https) No1
Can be run by non-root users Yes through RBAC, sudo etc
Solaris JumpStart (netinstall) Yes
Solaris JumpStart (Flash) Yes
Solaris JumpStart (WanBoot) Yes
Solaris x86 PXE Yes
Solaris x86 GRUB Yes
Solaris JumpStart (Bootservers) Yes
Distributed system to remote parts of WAN Yes
Distribution of media (pkgs, patches, images) to remote servers Yes
Supports Tiers of JumpStart servers Yes
Tailored installs per system Yes
Ability to build identical servers from master configuration Yes
Supports multiple OS installs Yes - Solaris, RedHat and SuSE have been known to work
Works on Solaris (x86 and SPARC) Yes
Human readable configuration files Yes
Works 'out of the box' Yes
Is available to the public for free Yes
Is a core part of the Sun Field Engineers 'toolkit' Yes
Has a large external Sun user community Yes
Is extendible by third parties Yes
Handles Veritas Volume Manager installs Yes
Handles mirroring of system disk under Veritas or SVM Yes
Can be used to install clusters, including clustered applications Yes
Copes with Flash archives of source machines with mirrored system disks (SVM & VxVM) Yes
Although web front ends have been produced for JET in the past, no generic web front end is available at this time; they are mostly customised for particular clients requirements